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Get introduced to the amazing world of Photography. It can change your life.

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Language: English

Instructors: Saurabh Chatterjee

Validity Period: 30 days


Why this course?


This FREE course will help you get introduced to Photography. 

There is a lot of helpful material, if you pay attention, you will really learn a lot. I can assure you of that.

Course Curriculum

Before You Start (1 pages)
01 How to Take Great Pictures with any Camera (76:00)
02 What Camera to Buy - All Cameras Explained (19:00)
03 Post Processing - Why is it Important (5:00)
04 How to Take Care of your Camera and Lenses (11:00)
05 Editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic
06 Shooting MilkyWay and Star Trails - Complete Guide (9:00)
07 How to Process Star Trails (6:00)
08 Lenses to Carry to Ladakh (11:00)
09 Hyderabad Photographers Guide
10 Feedback Session - 2019-03-16_Kothapet Fruit Market (10:00)
11 Feedback Session 7_April_2020
12 Feedback Session - How to Shoot Sunrise (10:00)
13 Feedback Session - 31Mar_2020
14 Feedback Session 21_Feb
15 Feedback Session - Sunset and Steel Wool Photography- Khajaguda (12:00)
MasterClass with Photographers
Nature and Wildlife
Nature - Butterfly Photography Isaac Kehimkar - The Butterfly Man of India
Nature - Bird Photography - Sriram Reddy
Nature - Macro Photography - Venkatesh Penjuri
Nature - Macro Photography with Yuwaraj Gurjar
Nature and Wildlife Photography by Masood Hussain
Nature and Wildlife Photography with Hemant Kumar
Nature and Wildlife Photography with Ismail Shariff
Nature and Wildlife Photography with RV Swethakumar Rangarao
Landscape Photography
Landscape and Himalayas Photography with J Ramanan
Landscape Photography with Prasad Malgaonkar
Landscape Photography with Sathyaprasad Yachendra
Documentary Photography
Documentary and Festival Photography - Pandharpur Wari
Documentary Photography - Udayan Sankar Pal
Street Photography
Street Photography - Bhaskar Kundu
Street Photography with SA Ramesh
Other Genres
Wedding Photography - Amar Ramesh
Travel Photography - Vivek Gowda
Astrophotography with Santanu Majumder

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